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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
Heh, I love how people assume Nanoha marrying a man would lead to her becoming a house wife, and they say it like being a house wife is degrading and unimportant. If they looked at the movie 1st sound stage they'd clearly see that Nanoha would be a house wife if she married Fate too.

Anyways, TL please

Arf: Previous magazine make an announcement.
Arf: That in second game I and Yuuno will enter the fight.
Arf: In the past I take supporting role as something obvious.
Arf: You damned Materials!
Arf: I`ll blast you away! I`ll blast you away!

Arf: But now I will enjoy the fare and square fight!
Panel: Even thought I didn`t fight for a while.
Arf: What is that, what`s wrong?
Yuuno: Well, I`m a scientist, so…
Yuuno: Such turbulent even is a bit…
Arf: Why you`re so low-spirited…
Arf: Don`t you think that Nanoha would be happy to see you?
Nanoha: I could train with Yuuno-kun in this game.
Yuuno: Happy…?
Yuuno: Now I remember.
Nanoha: Magic…?
Yuuno: That`s right, Nanoha

Yuuno: With the speed of franchise’s expanding, I show my pupil the achievements of support.
Nanoha: That was a splendid use of binding, Yuuno-kun.
Yuuno: Preventing people from death day after days…
Arf: Well, this is your work sensei.
Yuuno: In the end this is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE!
Yuuno: To be an opponent of Nanoha, Signum or Vita (the last more or less) is…
Yuuno: To enter into the group of monsters, I not like Fate at a-a-a-a-all!!!
Arf: Don`t say such pitiful words!!!
Yuuno: Ouch!!?
Arf: Even though, you`re fall, aren`t you`re still Nanoha`s teacher of magic?!
Arf: Didn`t you think, that you`ll need to show your resolve as trainer to your pupil?!
Yuuno: …To say such things...
Yuuno: But for mw, who haven`t any outstanding achievements in binding or defensive techniques, to join the battle…
Arf: Don`t worry about it.
Arf: All you need to do, it`s win with binding magic!!
Arf: Nanoha for example!
Yuuno: It`s impossible!!!
Arf: If you shot out at the top pf your lung, you`ll be able to do this.
Arf: Now! Shout right into the sky with all of your energy!
Yuuno: EEH?!
Arf: “I`ll defeat Nanoha with me binds…!” Say it!
Yuuno: I`ll defeat Nanoha…
Arf: You voice is too weak!
Yuuno: I`ll defeat Nanoha with… uh-eh
Arf: Still not enough!
Yuuno: I`ll bind Nanoha…
Arf: More passion!!!
Yuuno: I`ll…
Nanoha: Ah
Nanoha: Yuuno-kun
Yuuno: Tie Nanoha up!!!
Yuuno: It… IT`s MISTAKE, NANOHA!!!
Panel: Scientist magic can bring a little boy happiness.
Arf thought that until this day.

Poor Yuuno he really shouldn`t listen to Arf. Now he need really need to explain this to Nanoha.
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