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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I think it's high-time for somebody of importance to actually die in this, and it's starting to feel ever so slightly contrived to me that nobody has. I honestly went into this episode thinking somebody would die (either Kayneth or Caster or both).

Now, at this juncture, this is a very mild criticism, but it is a criticism that will grow for me in future weeks if we don't soon and finally see a Master and/or Servant and/or a supporter get taken down.
My gut tells me that a few people might be biting the dust in the next 2 episodes depending on how things play out. I definitely think masters/servents in both the Caster and lancer groups are going to be on the chopping block soon as those seem to be the central conflicts at the moment.

Saber is going to have to be healed sooner rather than later, thus its quite possible Lancer or his master will be defeated in the next few coming episodes and of course many parties are after Caster and his master so they're in just as much danger I believe.
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