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Especially given Will's hint as well, about the "gold truth locking the lock of illusions." Not that this makes the discussion about how to exactly interpret the gold truth any clearer, but it's pretty clear what he's implying.

Though it's kind of odd that Rosa went for the key while the cousins were still asleep, considering that Yasu wanted to present this mystery to Battler. Wouldn't it be way more impressive if they'd first lead the cousins, and thus Battler, to the "locked" chapel, just for the key to turn up in Rosa's bag, seemingly having been there the entire night? Maybe something did indeed go wrong. For example, the door, old and rusty as it might be (implied by the magic scene later), refused to open when they wanted to check on the adults.
Possibly Will's hint is about how the twilight was supposed to be, minus the little accident.

If everyone still believed that it's just a game, they'd obviously be concerned if they can't open the door to see how they're doing. Maybe Yasu was the first to check the door, when she went there to paint the symbol, and got flustered enough to call her accomplices.

Crack Prime-theory: Battler didn't actually go to Rokkenjima.

Two possibilites:

a) he got so drunk the night before the trip that he forgot... and a car hit him on the road. Not sure whether Kawabata actually confirmed that he went there. Quite crack but not crack enough.

b) The hint was there from the start - FALL FALL KYAKYAKAYKYAKYAKYA. When Kawabata showed off his new boat Battler fell off without him or anyone noticing. Well, not everyone; Maria obviously saw it, but who believes her anyway? Only later, on Rokkenjima after Kawabata had already left, it dawned on them.
Erika's made-up backstory is obviously just another hint. Or Battler's absence during EP7. As well as the "third day"; Dlanor can't touch this.

Yasu was so disappointed and frustrated that she just pushed the headship on one of the adults (Eva in this case), lead her to the tunnel towards Kuwadorian to go meet "father" in form of the ring, said "fuck it" and blew the rest up.

= Kawabata accidental culprit theory. <What do you think, everyone?!>

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