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Originally Posted by KaNa-Kun View Post
Flandre's Theme is really fun and exciting to listen to. There are also some remarkably remixes by the many circles like ALICE'S EMOTION, COOL 'N' CREATE, dBu, SOUND HOLIC...
Though it may not be as popular as Flandre's Theme, I love Kanako's Theme (The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field) and Tsukasa, from Sound Online, did a good job with the arrangement as well the vocal assistance of Aki Misawa ('Fallen Heaven' from the album Trois Bleu)

Now for the topic, here a MAD featuring Clannad

I don't really like that CLANNAD one, the voices weren't edited the way they normally are. :<

Kanako's theme is great as well, but I'd have to say I prefer Flandre's theme, personally. Maybe because I like Flandre a lot.

Originally Posted by Avisch View Post
Most recent one I've listened to is the one for Index (Nico link)
I actually really liked that one even though I haven't watched Index yet. Thanks~

Originally Posted by Hisana View Post
This is probably my favorite vocal remix of U.N. Owen...

Circle: EastNewSound
Vocal: Haduki Nano (nayuta)

Admittedly, U.N.Owen was what got me interested in Touhou. :x
Wow. That's nayuta? I love her but I've never heard this. It sounds amazingly professional. Increasing your rep for that~
It isn't surprising that this theme got you into Touhou, considering that's what did it for a lot of people, actually.
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