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Another rendition of Flandre's Theme, 'taboo tears you up' by REDALICE from HARDCORE TANO*C, they do have some great stuff. He also runs the circle ALICE'S EMOTION

SWF Ver.

The track is included in the album 東方萃翠酒酔 (Touhou Suisui Suusuu) by IOSYS.

Here, the artist 'kouks' (Website) was responsible for the Flash Animation. He also did the Flash for the track Power of dream. The track is included in the album 東方河想狗蒼池 (Touhou Kasokusochi), as well by IOSYS.

REDALiCE included a remixed version of 'taboo tears you up', titled 'taboo tears you up 2008' in another album - SCARLET EYES -スカーレットアイズ-

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