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東方スイーツ! ~鬼畜姉妹と受難メイド~

@ whitepearl; That version definitely has great vocals, but it's a bit too upbeat/happy to be my favourite. I prefer the darker renditions.

@ Hisana; Oh, yeah. I don't like those two other nayuta mixes very much, but the first Sayuri one is great. She's another vocalist I hear on Nico a lot and I find that she does a good job.

@ KaNa-Kun; REDALiCE mixes are always awesome. IOSYS is actually what got me so interested in Touhou. I think a lot of people were dragged in by the awesome music.

Since herbert posted the track for Touhou Sweets, I figured I'd share the flash video for it. Try not to post this on other websites as it's hosted from my blog, thanks~

Touhou Sweets! ~The Cruel Sisters and the Suffering Maid~ | Lyrics // Information
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