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I generally think at the logic error as something akin to Battler declaring he got a writer block so he can't write the solution when in truth he has it in his mind and Beato figuring out the solution and writing it for him.

So Battler knew what the pieces had to do he just pretended he didn't.

Though Dlanor is presented as Erika's ally I think in the end she's bounded to be pretty impartial. Even if she knew something was out of place and might have suspected Battler to do something likely couldn't report it to Erika without the gamemaster's permission because apparently only the GM is exempt by the

It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique

as when the GM assures something the detective doesn't need to provide clues about it (and when the GM is unwilling to assure something Dlanor and his assistants' truth are sealed like in EP 5 with Kinzo's window).

For Battler pretending to be in a logic error was fundamental because he wanted Beato to take over the story and find the solution he had written, therefore recovering memory of herself (or solving her own riddle).

The interesting thing to wonder should be: what if Beato had found a solution that didn't involve ShKannon?

As for preserving fantasy... well, through all the games fantasy was always at risk of being destroyed as everything was done using human tricks.

Though I guess in reference to the specific seal if Erika were to ask if that seal was still as she left it Battler/Beato could have said:
Shannon and the other people with her in the room didn't break it.

... which is true as it's actually 'Kanon' who broke it and is a reply that can trick Erika as it doesn't reveal the truth that the seal is broken.

It's similar to when Battler asked Beato to say in red that there were only 18 people on the island and she said there were no more than 18 people on the island.

It seems the same but actually it leaves space for a 'there's less than 18 people on the island'.

Sure, if Erika were to remain suspicious she could have pressed for other red truths and eventually she could have figured out the truth. I guess it's a recurring risk in all the games.
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