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Battler doesn't need to know exactly what Erika will do to screw him over if he has provided her the tools to encourage her to more or less go after him in a particular way.

Remember, Genji/Ronove told Battler about the existence of Logic Errors while he was working on the story. For something he literally just talked to someone about, Battler sure acts surprised when Erika goes for it. Isn't it more reasonable to think that his awareness of Logic Errors influenced his construction of the story to allow for one?

Also: Why three rooms? Why not one, or two, or five, or as many as Erika wished? Three is a fairly arbitrary number, but it also happens to be exactly as many as Erika needs.

I never brought this up in the initial proposal of Genius Battler but someone raised this point just recently and I think it's telling as well: Battler's pre-murder-reveal solution is incredibly mundane and doesn't actually preserve the fantasy at all. Having one of the other victims switch with him is such a genuinely pathetic idea that Erika might as well have just allowed it because it was dumb and wouldn't have done Battler any good. Why would that have even been something he'd propose but to look desperate?

EDIT: And if nothing can happen without the GM's knowledge, Battler would already know the other victims were dead, so he'd have to be doing it on purpose because he can't propose something he knows is wrong earnestly.
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