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Originally Posted by Merilyn Mensola View Post
Ho my god!!!

PedoBear-Rimi got the screen in this chapter!!!! lol

And Finally..Kenichi vs Berserker....this fight is interesting...i wonder if Kenichi can win against him...Berserker is a beast!!!

And PedoBear-Rimi vs Miu..i know is not right...but i want Rimi kick Miu ass for once...
I figure either Kenichi will win, and then have to save Berserker from Mikumo's wrath, or it'll be a draw as an unexpected incident interrupts their fight. Something like Dark Miu awakening once more. Poor Rimi. I know Ogata wants her to defeat Miu and thus stick it to Hayato, but I fear his plans are going to spectacularly backfire, and this could be where Miu falls into the darkness, which leads her to Saiga. I'm sure the One Shadow is watching this from somewhere, even though Mikumo's overseeing the rumble for the moment. Man, I really can't wait for chapter 500, in full color no less. Sweet.
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