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episode responses

-It's established that Psychopass world has military dedicated drones...quite large ones actually. I'm sure this is going to start all sorts of shenanigans in the discussions over the drones inability to just role in and lethally zap the helmet guys in episode 15. Military drones that couldn't target individuals based on such distinctive features as having helmets like that... wouldn't be very useful for national defense. Infantry anti tank teams could just waltz up to them and shoot them without so much as a response. (Which should be a big deal, cause as we find out later, Japan is the only country to use the Sybl system).

-Kougami and and Akane have a heart to heart talk. As someone who had faith in the system, Akane is a bit shook up, perhaps even feeling a little foolish at the moment.

-The Judiciary has been abolished eh? That certainly makes you wonder how they deal with white collar crimes...unless psycho pass scanning is really that effective at discerning dudes.

-The Sybll system isn't just a hive mind of criminals being used as's LITERALLY the brain hivemind of these 250 people.

I can understand now why keeping this secret would absolutely essential, even more so than if you were just using brains as computers. Because the way the director explains it...the Sybll system is essentially an oligarchy run by 250 extreme sociopaths.

...these guys must be pretty used to getting their way all the time. Cause it doesn't seem like there were ANY precautions on that airplane to Makishima trying to escape aside from this one drone.
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