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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
No. The biggest threat to the Sybil system would be 10 guys armed with real combat weapons.
This would only be true if all ten of them have the same condition as Makishima, unable of being judged by Sybil. Otherwise they'll be fodder for the Dominators.

Originally Posted by Hakuromatsu View Post
I wonder if the Sybil system logarithmically approaches "godhood" -- with each new brain, does the system make the existence of criminally asymptotic individuals (i.e. those who subconsciously "cheat" that system through their social deviance) more and more difficult? To rephrase that, if Makishima were added to the system, would that prevent a hypothetical Makishima clone in society from being criminally asymptotic? If that's the case, it would become harder and harder to "cheat" the system and Sybil's judgment would approach perfection very quickly. Sybil did seem particularly anxious to add Makishima's brain to the system.
True, there are probably no two people with the same abnormal personality in the system.
I believe Makishima was the only one who actively sought out criminals and helped them by providing all the tools for their crimes. Touma was arrested for that jelly mutilation (I think?), but so far it sounded like Makishima was the deciding factor in motivating Touma to commit crimes.
If the other brains are similar to Touma, from his short conversation, they were psychopaths who wanted to be understood, while Makishima tries to understand others motives' etc.
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