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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
Wasn't people expecting gore and action in this movie?

But looking at Blood-C as a whole, both the series and the movie, if you viewed everything that's happened entirely through Fumito's POV...

Then Blood-C was really at its core, a beautiful, insane and tragic love story of a man's obsessive one-sided love with a monster.

From his beautifully crafted 'slice-of-life' that allowed him to enjoy the illusion of a 'normal' life with the girl he loved.

From how he manipulated everything, leading him to become the singularity in Saya's life, even if it was pure hate.

From his heartfelt wish to save her, with methods best left unsaid.

And if we assumed that Fumito used to be human, then how he presumably experimented on himself as well... to become the same monster as the one he loved.

Isn't it just beautiful?
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