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As both Omni and Garten pointed out in their respective blogs, I do also agree with them that Ryuk's subtle but deliberate inconvenience forgetting to tell Light about the whole set of rules and Shinigami's nature plays a trigger for placing misfortunes and frustrations upon Light at expense of his identity being found out just for Ryuk to amuse himself or have fun.

However, for newcomers I must tell you that this inconveniences, which are conveniently acted out throughout each of the anime episodes, serve as a reminder that Ryuk's neither an ally nor enemy to Light, L, or anyone's else.

Shinigami are neutral, ambivalent, and ambiguous to the affairs of humans and do not become involved unless the Death Note holder (Light's in this case) coerces the Shinigami in some way to help him or her.

As we have seen in the previous episode, unlike Ryuk Rem's not that careless to let herself exposed her vulnerabilities to Misa.

Ok. During the previous episodes I thought of Misa as that capricious, valley girl with gothic fetish, lacking common sense not to disclose too much unneeded hints that would compromise Light and the Death Note.

But for some reason for this episode my outlook on her spun a 180 degree revolution. I became warming up to her and felt attracted, particularly with that black and revealing dress which makes her hot; her teary eyes; and that sad expression which makes her moe, though from a morbid view.

However, Misa's critical flaw, as I have posted in the previous discussion thread, that she's malleable. That means she's getting herself manipulated by Light to her own free will. And unfortunately, she has exposed too much of her vulnerabilities before Light.
The worst part of the deal she's well aware and conscentious that Light made it clear he's not romantically interested and not at all with her, nonetheless, she'll follow him everywhere even if that means also to a path for damnation.


But, still I dislike how Misa deprecates her self-worth and individuality just for Light to embrace her with a diminutive hope, even if she's willing to put up and live a lie; evident when she gets all emotional, bursting to tears for attempting with every word to attain Light's trust; I do think that Misa was truly honest about her life story, but again the problem is that she gives it all to Light; her anxieties, frustrations, ideals, tragedies, all of her life issues as a deliberate act for Light to put her into submission of his will just to earn his trust.

Her initial anxiety upon arriving at Light's house and meeting him was played out naturally which made her reaction very believable; after all, she has nominated herself as Kira's #1 fangirl, so her nervousness upon talking to Light face to face was fitting, and I daresay it looked also moe to me.

From this point onwards, the plot is going to thicken up.

P.S. Anyone noticed Sayu's priceless face when Misa stepped in to the Yagami's home?
Either Sayu thinks Misa's plainly weird given the latter's fashion sense or maybe the possible implication that she was shocked to find out that her brother never told that his "girlfriend" was such a sexy and hot beauty.
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