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As both Omni and Garten pointed out in their respective blogs, I do also agree with them that Ryuk's subtle but deliberate inconvenience forgetting to tell Light about the whole set of rules and Shinigami's nature plays a trigger for placing misfortunes and frustrations upon Light at expense of his identity being found out just for Ryuk to amuse himself or have fun.

However, for newcomers I must tell you that this inconveniences, which are conveniently acted out throughout each of the anime episodes, serve as a reminder that Ryuk's neither an ally nor enemy to Light, L, or anyone's else.

Shinigami are neutral, ambivalent, and ambiguous to the affairs of humans and do not become involved unless the Death Note holder (Light's in this case) coerces the Shinigami in some way to help him or her.

You're wrong, as written in one of the past interposals about the rules of a Death note, Shinigami do not know the whole rulebook. I believe Ryuk states this in the first episode, and also he says in this episode the detail (eyes can't see another owner's time left) had been unknown to him.
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