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True. Alola had no champion until Ash. In the anime, winning the conference tournament usually gets you a trophy and an invitation to challenge the Elite Four and Regional Champion. I'm guessing the Alola League's newbie status makes Ash the first champion.

Every other region's champion simply coincides with the games. It's odd that among them, only Lance and Leon are actually counted among the World Coronation's "Master Class" whereas Iris was only "Great Class". You would figure that the other champions would comprise the top ranked trainers in this tournament

I heard that Cynthia and Tobias are slated to pop up again... Wonder what rank they'll be.
First time I heard of that, should be rumors.

The thing with this tournament is that it ignores previous status or past achievements so it doesn't matter if you are the a Regional Champion or you recent left home with only a Rattata you are going to start from the buttom. Of course a Champion is gonna streamroller the competition until near the top where are the top trainers but that takes a time. In the episode was said that Iris recently entered the tournament. That is the reason why she isn't in Master Class or near the top and why there are Gym Leaders above her (aside of the ones that are stated to be E4 level or higher, as Volkner).
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