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Originally Posted by Nosauz View Post
to be clear, this is a remake, whats under speculation is whether or not bones is remaking from episode one, or from when the original fma series diverged from the manga plot. I believe the diversion occured before ed got to central to take his alchemist test. I'm thinking their gonna do an entire remake from the what we've scene from the trailers because it looks like the character models are different, and it would be confusing to new fans of the show if they didn't.
Yeah, and they left out of some other little filler things as well. The Homonculi themselves are also big differences. For instance, in the anime Sloth was the reincarnation of Ed and Al's mom, whereas in the manga...
Spoiler for Sloth:

Also, Lin and the rest of the Chinese-esque warriors aren't in the anime, and Lin is essential to the Homonculi part of the plot.
Spoiler for Manga spoiler for Lin:

Another difference: Pride and Wrath
Spoiler for Pride:

Spoiler for Wrath:

One more difference I can think of: Hohenheim
Spoiler for Hohenheim:

There are a ton of differences, which makes it nearly impossible to reconcile both storylines. Meaning that you have to do a remake in order for anything to make sense.
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