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Originally Posted by GreenLama View Post
After doing some research and finding out that the new FMA series is going to be a re-hash/re-imaging to mirror the manga a little more than the original did, I was upset. I was upset because I love the original series so far (I'm only on like episode 25 or so) and I was hoping the new series was going to be a continuation of the original, but the more and more I think about it I am starting to look foward to the new FMA reguardless. Is the series still supposed to debut in April, and if so is there any new merchendise planned to coincide with the new show?
Have you even READ the manga? There is no "continuation" to the original anime, anyway. The movie Conqueror of Shaballa was the conclusion to the anime series, no ifs, ands or buts.

This is a remake closely following the manga, which in my opinion has a better storyline and doesn't have things like the annoying Rose angst. Dante also doesn't exist, which is nice. If you want more differences, look at my post earlier.

I hope the budget is high enough, because it gonna have to be to do justice to a second series, not to mention a second series is a just as big an investment to the watchers as it is the makers.
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