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Imported the materials artbook from Amazon JP which seems to be the only place that has managed to restock it so far. Put up a review if anyone's interested.

Full contents...

  • Introduction p6
  • Character Profiles p14
  • Rough Sketches p30
  • Mirai Gadgets p32
  • Time Machine/Mobile Phones p33
  • Jellyman/FES p34
  • Rainet / Draft script p35
  • CG Gallery p36
  • Scenery p54
  • Items p58

  • Scenario p60
  • Keywords p86
  • Worldlines (Timelines) p92
  • Q & A p96
  • Famous Quotes p102
  • Achievements p104

  • E-mail List p106
  • Akihabara Guide p112
  • Rainet Access Battlers p116
  • Other Time Travel Titles p117
  • Interview with the Planning Director p118
  • A Chat with the Development Staff p122
  • Goods p126

The Q&A section is really interesting because it clarifies some points in the game's story such as...

Spoiler for How the story ends...:
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