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Originally Posted by Helius View Post
That's Suzuhara Toji
Thanks. I kinda had the feeling, that it was him, since the shirt was bigger than usual.

Originally Posted by Zekori View Post
Well, this is a terrible movie that pretty much throws away nearly everything from the first two movies all in one go. Searching around on the net informs me that this version of 3.0 was a redone version of a script thrown away, and based off the shoddy CG seen at the very beginning makes this more apparent.

The following is pretty long!

I was going to order (import) 3.33 just because I liked the first two movies, despite the outrageous price, but screw that noise. This thing is like the Matrix 2.
You wrote the a nice summery, there. Back in the old years, when I heard of the news, that an alternative ending with four movies will be made I thought "I hope they will answer most questions and compose a more understandable ending." After watching the third movie, I had doubt, that I will understand it in all aspects.

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This has become more confusing than the original series.
Yep, that is, what I was referring to.

I have read, that the gap between the second and the third movie would be covered with mangas. Do we have more infos on that?
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