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Originally Posted by krisslanza View Post
Maybe they can change sizes?
I mean say Voltaire was much, much bigger then 15m but if you summon him into a place full of buildings maybe he'd shrink himself so he doesn't end up stamping the entire city into dust?

Or 7Arcs just couldn't make up their minds
Actually, I won't mind at all if Voltaire can change size. He's supposed to be a pretty exotic lifeform IIRC. Heck, if even Friedrich can change size and form, why not Voltaire.

Nah, just a simple animation error. In that last screen, if they had left out the buildings further away and had just kept the buildings in the forefront, they'd have come out much smaller as they would have appeared much closer
Actually, even if you only kept the closet row of buildings, occultation limits mean that it is optically impossible for Voltaire and Hakutenoh to be shorter than the building.

I won't deny it may be a blooper, but it is pretty blatant, and since they've already put it into reality, we are basically forced to accept it. We can't even imagine what that scene looked like if they were only ~5-storeys tall.
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