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Brute force translation via the internet, then re worded slightly so that it makes more sense with help from rikaichan.

Spoiler for raw machine translation:

Series first appearance: The 17th episode (for appearance of the name, the 22nd episode) Younger sister of a vice. As of this chapter, 12 years old. 6 years earlier, she was involved in a hostage situation and was accidently shot in the left eye by her elder brother Vice. Although hit by a non-lethal magical bullet, she lost sight in her eye, as it was a direct hit on a very delicate part of the body. Even now, she wears an eyepatch as she has not recovered sight in her eye.

Conversation between Vice and Laguna has been awkward since the shooting, but Laguna doesn't bear a grudge againsnt Vice. She hopes that things can return to normal between them in the future.

22nd Ep, Heard from Signum and Alto that my brother has come to visit
26th Ep, Epilogue. Am seen together with Vice in a picture. It seems that we have reconciled.

The history of the name, "Ragna" of Renault (French automobile company).

-> So from what I can make out, no her eye has not healed (and is unlikely too). But it might be better to double check the translation with one of the more fluent speakers.

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