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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
He didn't display much of it during the match, but his ball bouncing thing before the serve is just plain annoying and he still does it after so many people complain about it on the tour. I think that's just being a jerk. The fans even were making comments in which the empire had to quiet them down. The reason he didn't display this though was because he only does it to the top ranked players, Tsonga isn't one yet, but he shall be one day.
I dont get why people still make a big deal about the ball bouncing thing, when it is clearly a natural reaction he does in response to critical junctures of a match. He only does it in situations where his serve is critical, which basically signals that its a strategy he takes to calm/focus himself. The longer a match drags on, the more often he starts bouncing the ball on his serve. He only does it against the top ranked players because he rarely has a hard time disposing of anyone else (he can pretty much just play and win without putting in much thought).
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