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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
That is one of the best part about Macross. The mechs are cool but doesn't overshadow the characters and the plot and doesn't make anyone into a one man army of beamspam.
That is very true, and one reason why I appreciate Macross' emphasis of realism over Gundam, especially since I've grown quite weary of Gundam's hero-does-them-all motif. Make no mistake, I still love Gundam, but for Macross, its borderline obsession.

Originally Posted by Blue Reverie
I can sort of agree on the hero fighter but, but calling a 20 year old fighter "outdated" isn't necessarily true. Modern Fighter jet designs often have service lives of 30-40 years. A few random examples:
You also note that the US was not engaged in a major war in the past 30 years (and no, the Gulf War or the War on Terror do not count) while facing an equally competitive adversary? Even conventional weaponry progressed relatively slowly during the Cold War, perhaps one of the reason why it was a Cold War. Nobody wanted it to be hot, so the Soviets and the US had their own thing, and all was good in a bipolar world.

That will definitely change in the near future, of course.

But, unlike World War II, where, in a span of 5+ years, the Germans had progressed from propeller-driven fighters to the mass production of jet interceptors. Or the United States, rolling out a new chassis almost every year. Of course, that was war, there were fierce competitors, and that was then.

The technical progression of Macross is like in-between World War II and the Cold War. While new fighters aren't produced every year (as in WWII), UN SPACY certainly doesn't have the luxury of sitting on their butts for the next 3 decades then decide what new toy they should bring to the public. You will note that the production span of VFs is usually around 10 years or less. Yeah, we've seen the VF-11 in action in Macross 7, but they've been relegated to a supportive role than an actual frontline fighter. Of course, we've also witnessed the VF-1J in action, but you know, Milia rules.

Although from a production point of view, we've already seen the YF/VF-19s in two consecutive Macross franchises, even Mr. Kawamori would be crying foul if we had to see it... again.

- Tak
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