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Yeah, and how Rey just 'handed' it to him remains a MYSTERY in itself. Milia was criticizing Basara's flying skills quite harshly, although I wondered why she didn't ask him anything about the VF-19. To Milia, Basara couldn't fly a glider even if his life depended on it.

But anyway, Macross 7 was silly. I mean, guitar for controls? Project M? Its not like they knew they were fighting an alien army that would respond to sound energy!

- Tak
Well not to Gamlin, he thought it was some idiotic super secret project. Which he was correct. Sort of...

Nekki Basara can perform the G crunching qm-69 manuever without breaking a beat.

That said I'm waiting for confirmation on my suspicion that the mysterious Valkyrie and pilot , who will also attend Mihoshi academy.

Leon did say whether or not they will let the Vajra hear their songs which implies Macross Frontier has it's own version of Operation M.
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