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Originally Posted by ijriims View Post
These two goals can be reconciled only in some specific conditions: like the adults solving the epigraph and dividing it into 4 parts, or the cousins solved it and divide it among themselves. If the conditions never fulfilled, then Sumadera family took all gold. If the condition was fulfilled, then both families benefited.

Now you see that the goals were conflicting. You have never had multiple goals which might conflict with each other yourself, I suppose? What was the most commone theme of story involving undercover? The undercover had to fulfill his mission, while also breeding some attachment for the organization he had inflitrated into, thus he desire for the good being of the inflitrated organization as well. Conflicting emotions and goals, isn't it? Cliche, isn't it? But not incomprehensible, isn't it?

To bribe the Sumadera family needed huge amount of money, not the amount of money our four siblings could have given out. In fact, only Rudolf would be willing to give out. How much money does it take to bribe Sumadera family? It was a declining family and had been investing in Kyrie and looked upon her to revive the family. The money involved would be well over millions dollars. I doubt that Rudolf and Kyrie themselves could compensate the loss by just using their own money.

I thought this out when I pondered on why Beatrice seemed to focus so much on family values (in EP4) and the fact that Sumadera family benefited the most if everyone died except Ange.

You could not disprove my hypothesis, just like I could not prove that Kyire had just paid off the Sumadera family. You think it is illogical, then don't buy it. I don't mind. Give out one's explanation and stick to it is the best one could do.

I am more interested to know your theory than your comments on my theory, frankly.

I would try to posit another hypothesis and leave this hypothesis be. Let's term it as "Kyrie=Beatrice=Sumadera's undercover" hypothesis.

Next time, let me give out a hypothesis based on Shannon=Beatrice, as most people thought so.


By the way, what is a Erika-like theory?
...Just because it cannot be proven with certainty doesn't mean it should stay on the table. THAT is an Erika theory. She basically accused, hammered home, and "Proved" Natsuhi was the culprit even after Battler's red simply because there was no proof of her innocence.
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