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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
Spoiler for ep5:
In the case of Ep5 I can't literally believe anything that isn't red. Erika (at least the one in the metaworld) is lying and Battler's perspective in unreliable.

So my answer is simply that: the cousins didn't die in Battler's room

The scene where Battler wakes up and finds the corpses is fake, hell we even see Battler being pushed back by an invisible force in that scene. That's blatantly false.

Also Natsuhi later go check in the room and she finds nothing.

Either one of these scenes is fake because:

After George's death, his corpse was not moved at all!
After Jessica's death, her corpse was not moved at all!
After Maria's death, her corpse was not moved at all!

Also it was stated that

Ushiromiya Battler returned to the cousins' room at 3am and immediately went to bed. And until the incident was discovered, there was absolutely nothing suspicious in the room.

Did the "suspicious" thing materialized in the room the next morning? Either this red truth is badly worded, or in the room there was never anything suspicious to begin with.

Erika definitely saw the cousins in the room at the stroke of midnight, however from midnight to 1 AM she was in the Library with Nanjo, therefore the cousins had all the time to exit the guesthouse or moved to another room, no red forbids that.
Likewise, Rosa wasn't in the cousin's room, anyone could have killed her anytime. Likewise Genji was said to have gone to the waiting room and that he never left the mansion, however we have seen him going to the dining room, which means he's been in the waiting room only for a brief moment. There is no proof that he went back there after that or that he never left the waiting room itself.

The whole Ep5 is rigged.
I don't think it is possible to explain what happened without twisting red truths, using unrealistic theories or claiming some games scenes are totally fake. Of course I prefer to go with the latter.

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