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Originally Posted by xxcara_miaxx View Post
Well I will bow into peer pressure. However, the issue remains in the fact that I'm a camwhore and so there are about a bagillion photos of me and so i had a little trouble culling them down to this few!

Still, I don't know how I feel in posting these pics. Generally I like people not knowing what I look like and judging me from what's inside/ and not on the outside. I feel a little vulnerable showing you me - but here goes ~

Spoiler for Camwhore Cara:

Spoiler for Cara and friends (possibly NSFW?):

Oh, and there are a few people on here that can attest to the fact that these pics are in fact of me. So annoy Kuroda, Kitten and Liwyn.

(oh, and a few may be a little size-y, sorry)
*cough* well um..I do say this calls for a promotion! Thank you for your contribution to the ecchi war cara! What do you say MAQI-taichou, Secretary of State Cub-sama and Prime Minister Gin? . SMC captain? Secretary of Defense?
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