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Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
What the HECK are you talking about, Kaijo?

I made that guess about six months ago in the Q&A section.
Sorry, I should have made it clearer that if was referring to both Isis being a combat cyborg *and* being somehow related to Karen (the crackpot theory is posted a page or two back). And this would be a follow on to my correct guessing that Corona's golem would have a rocket punch, and.... hmm, can't remember the other thing I predicted...

Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
I dunno: what would that add to the story? It's not that big of a connection in this case.
It would tie Isis more firmly into the story (if she is somehow related to Karen). Instead of just being a girl that Touma hooked up with, it would turn out that she has a stake in all this. Because right now, she doesn't have much of a personal angle, other than betting a friendship on Touma and Lily.

For a more crackpot theory, this would make two sets of similar DNA... one infected with the Eclipse, and one that is not. Compare the two, and you may just discover the exact Eclipse mutation and a way to reverse it or cure it.

She is on the run, though, and seems like she doesn't want the Bureau finding her. If she is a combat cyborg, the Bureau might want to keep tabs on her, and she might have grown tired of being tracked all the time. Another interesting point: combat cyborgs have to have regular treatments so that they appear to grow. Isis being a petanko could very well be because she took off and is no longer getting the treatments.
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