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That's what I'm hoping for with Isis, that she is tied to the plot in an interesting way, and not just as someone who wanted to help fight. My crackpot theory on Isis being a combat cyborg clone of pre-Eclipse Karen and thus somehow would represent a cure, is just one crazy idea on how she could be.
Another version of said crackpot theory can be that Isis will be "used" to cure Karen exclusively(being a copy of her DNA and some of her vital organs) but Isis refuse to be used as a box of "spare parts" for the woman she was cloned from(i know, i know, this is more or less the plot of "The Island" but it can sell xD).

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Though granted, none of the Huck's have commented anything like, "Hey, she looks a lot like..." so it's more likely that it's just because manga artists can't draw more than six faces, heh. (Akira Toriyama, I'm looking at you!)
Also Noizi Ito, the guy is good but her style didn't differ much from work to work, just look at Haruhi and Shana xDU.
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