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Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
The only impression I got from the masked guy was that he was sketchy as ****, honestly. If he was friends with them, why hide his face?

And more to the point, if Isis is a clone of Karen, shouldn't she be showing signs of having the Infection too? It's the most obvious advantage to pass on to a manufactured human.
Good point, but it's why I think Isis might hold the key to a cure. Isis could be from a pre-eclipse sample of Karen, or Jail could have unknowingly figured out a cure by cloning Karen and straining out the Eclipse. Perhaps he was trying to gain the advantages of an Eclipse-infected person, without the disadvantages. It was research never brought to fruition, though, since Fate captured him before Isis was complete (and she was the first prototype, so didn't get much of the advantages, if any).

But if anything about this crackpot theory is true, I'm leaning towards Isis being from a pre-eclipse sample.
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