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I currently have a plotbunny for the series, but I'm somewhat concerned about it since it's only a slight AU from the series, unless I ignore some of the finer details and make it a purely humor story.
So do I (have a slightly AU idea, that is); and even a slight AU is perfectly fine if you play it out right. Take for example something Snork (I think it was him) said in another thread; change the events following Sayaka learning about being "inhuman" by throwing her into a situation where she's forced to remember why she became a MG in the first place (following his example further, this could be another case of Madoka being drawn into a barrier). The event itself isn't that big or important on it own, but it has the potential to throw a relatively serious wedge in everything that happens after that point. I actually prefer that sort of AU to the sort that dismantles and reconstructs canon.
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