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Of course it won't. This fic introduced lots of new concepts into the story. You can't do that in the series proper, as all the important plot elements needs to be properly foreshadowed way beforehand.
Actually, the fanfic seems to be all about the events and details the author chose to interpret as foreshadowing. Of course, he goes draws all the concepts based on worst case scenarios, which contributes both to horror and headscratching. I wrote a short review there, expressing my doubts, but then again, I don't know if I should have bothered. It's called fanfiction for a reason.

As a fanfic it's kinda interesting though. Will keep reading!
So will I, but with a pack of antidepressants at hand. Even a stand-alone idea of Kyouko turning into a witch is enough to sink me into the depths of despair Nozomu Itoshiki has yet to imagine.
but this guy had better hurry, after next Thursday the whole project will lose all of its impact and relevance.
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