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Originally Posted by NeoEevee View Post
Oh, hello everyone.

Instead of just posting ideas, I'd like to give you a little snapshot of a work in progress of mine. It was originally supposed to be the opening to the grand finale of a massive crossover saga I'm working on, but it was eventually axed in favor of a more Gainax-y opening. Or maybe it was intended as an alternate opening from the beginning. But mostly it's just what plays in my head whenever I hear Magia. o3o

For maximum foreshadowing, please picture demon!Madoka being voiced by Willa Holland and play a slowed down version of Magia in the background.
Spoiler for Long, partially unedited crossover ficcage ahead. Has some gore.:

Ehehehe, I'm a little nervous about posting this. ^^; I admit, the entire scene sort of ending in my head with time reseting and all... so the end part was kinda slapped on.
Jesus, that was good. I couldn't get a good mental image of a demon!Madoka for the sake of reading that (the closest I got was a deranged picture of her holding up a completely black Soul Gem I have saved somewhere), and the idea of something like that sharing Aqua's voice is disturbing, but that was awesome all the same. I can only assume where you were going with that idea, but Madoka here seemed ten times more creepy than Vanitas (assuming he was indeed who you derived the idea of her appearance from, as it seemed you did) could ever hope to be. Truly amazing.
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