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So, um, when did Naminé become a Puella Magi? Whether that was who you were thinking of or not (it probably was), this is definitely her Witch.
o.0 Namine? Wow, never thought someone would think of that. xD; I thought it was pretty obvious that she was Aqua's witch...

Anyway, I'll be honest; when I read all of this, the name that came perfectly to mind for me was Saint Mary of all things. The name seemed a perfect fit with a Witch that seeks to eliminate all forms of darkness, and it maintains a connection between the Witch and Christianity (Knight Templars and all that). 'Course, it helps that the né in Naminé's name is French for "to be born", and I immediately drew a connection between that and Mary being the mother of Jesus.
Hm. Interesting. 0_o

I think I'll use the name. But mess with the spelling a little... like, Mari, or something like that.

I like the name Mari. o3o

As for the Familiar, I have absolutely nothing. Perhaps a name somehow tied in with Mary, but I don't know enough about her to supply you with any. Sorry 'bout that, and sorry again if this turns out to be a bad suggestion. Not sure how much I like the name Saint Mary myself, but I'll be damned if it's not fitting.
Cin. I came up with it just now. From "Mari", a possible alternate spelling of "Mary", and a reference to Mari from Rebuild of Evangelion; Mari is first seen piloting Evangelion Provisional Unit 05. Cinque is Italian for "five", I'm fairly sure; that's also the name of the fifth Numbers Cyborg from Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Shorten Cinque and you get "Cin." It also sounds like "sin" which is dramatically ironic considering the witch's personality.

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I have a plotbunny that demands I write a How To Train Your Dragon based fanfic. With the Madoka characters.

Fusion Fic or straight crossover?

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How about Martel or Gustave?
I'll make a note of that. ^^ Thanks.
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