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Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Create a new user, find an address to either Japan or Hong Kong and a new email for the Asian account it works.
I know, but when I try to create a new account in PSN it tells me the service is down :/

Originally Posted by kye_x View Post
Exactly, i mean, hatsune miku sings on their soundtrack, right?, she doesn't :| She only sings the BRS song that made BRS so famous, but there's no Miku in any soundtrack, either OVA or The Game. I think ryo makes the soundtracks, though oxo

Anyways...does anyone knows who is this "Shizu" Nana talks about before fightint Lirio? And what was that computer thing they were trying to use? @_@

And who's the first ACC? The chronology says something about a first succesful ACC before Nana and Stella, but doesn't says who is it XD Anyone knows?
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