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Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Funny I made an Asian account 2 weeks ago and it works...hmm...wonder why. =/
...Really?? What did you used to do it?? o_O

Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Shizu = SZZU.
Uh...I see. Then my question is: Why did Nana brought her up in the conversation? o_O Weren't they talking about Sing Love? -Confused @_@-

Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
There are mentions of a certain Givson (or Gibson) 7 which had BRS's duties in fighting the aliens in the guidebook included with the White Premium Box. According to Fluegel, they eventually die after many battles with the Apostles, and their legacy is given to BRS in the form of the weapons she uses in battle.
Hmm....I see. Guess I'll try to translate the chronology better...somehow (any ideas? anyone??)
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