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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Force doesn't really have awful pacing though. Slow release hampered even more by half-chapters, yes. But the pacing's allright. Vivid's pace is slower, with plot threads raised in the first chapters barely or never having been touched upon since.
I'll give you that Force's main pacing problem has more to do with it's release dates than anything but at least the whole assault on the Esquad Huckebein mini-arc gave me a feeling of those darn 5 minutes in Namek xDU.

I agree with you on ViVid. It's one of the reasons of why i'm enjoying more the tournament Arc, the pacing is still kinda slow but at least they now spent the chapters actually doing significant stuff xD

EDIT: Page claimed for Frieza ....and Bushido-chan xD
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