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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
I know, it's all subjective, but it still feels unfair critisism though. Nanoha didn't develop in A's either but nobody bat an eyelash. Teana and Subaru had to work for their place, but they actually had the chance to do so. StrikerS is over and they got their development. Thoma's getting hammered before he's even given a chance to finish. He (and most of the cast in Force, really) is being treated like a character who's series is already finished.
Well, I did. I felt that it was why A's wasn't as good as it could been. It was still really good but due to other factors like Hayate and the Wolkies, as well as what I felt was the best antagonist the series ever generated. So even if Nanoha did stagnate in A's, the others helped keep it up.

I'm quite sure someone out there agrees, though I suppose there is some inconsistency running around.

As for bashing before the finish line, it can't be helped. As I said before, patience is earned, not given by default. For example, the first season of Nanoha had certain elements that had me going to buy it time to get better. If Force hasn't managed to come up with compelling things at this point, then it might just not be worth it for some to invest their time into it.

Except complaining on the internet. That always has a cost of 0 for some reason.
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