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So will watching Cypha get beaten up.

And I dunno, it has been a couple years since he became the lead. Even if he really gets going now, making the audience wait that long is still grounds for some complaint. I mean, if they don't make it enjoyable for me, the guy reading the story without paying for it, then what has this company come to!?

Now ciorrect me if I'm interpreting your words wrong, but does that mean you consider change that happens as character establishment (like Nanoha changing from a normal girl to a magical girl in the first few episodes) development? Because in that case, Thoma's got plenty.

He went from a regular boy who knows a little magic to a boy who became an eclipse infected, we learned that he has a rather troubled past which he still carries with him (flashbacks are development too, after all) following which his infection took hold and he learned what it was like to hold great power without control, which gave him the drive to master his powers so he would never harm those close to him again.
Oh not at all. I just mean I've seen shows that have done character development before the halfway point, even if its just little stuff for fleshing them out, which hasn't happened so much with Touma. I just found it kind of a weird blanket statement.
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