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Because all your examples of him having character are what powers he has and motivations, and some of the latter haven't been totally explored yet. Those aren't fleshing him out in and of themselves. Can you name some personality traits he has on their own?
* Is a conflicted boy that is dealing with the grudge he have towards the ones responsible for the demise of his hometwon and all people he knew.
* Is a caring and somewhat selfless boy who wants to be independent so no more close ones get hurt. To the point he can't allow himself be adopted by a caring family and is willing to kill himself for the well-being of others despite Fortis's arguings.
* Is divided between the new, caring people who received him with open arms and the Huckebein whom he feels identified with.
* Show respect for the people who get closer to him and is also a responsible young man. Rescued Lily when he found her and does his best effort to take care of her since.

A bit of a messiah-like character, probably not the most plausible or likable character traits out there, but traits nontheless.
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