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Touma is not one of the things that Force is getting wrong.

Neither is it wrong that the Huckebein have been so successful up to this point, or that Curren is so powerful.

The existence of a form of energy inimical to all known forms of life, magic and technology is not necessarily a bad idea. As I've pointed out before, it's basically like the Seithr from BlazBlue; a form of energy similar to but very different from True Magic. Whatever creatures it doesn't kill, it tends to mutate into something stronger and meaner.

If there was a failing with the Huckebein, it was making so many of them that none of them are getting properly fleshed out, such as explaining where they came from, how they ended up like this, and what they're trying to do.

This on top of introducing far too many new terms with no real explanation for what they mean. "Zero Effect", "Reactor", "Reactor Plug", "Strosek", "Divider"...

The far-too-sudden and very jarring appearance of new weapons and androids doesn't help.
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