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RE: anime

One impression I had of the game before I read it all was that everything seemed...artificial to put it simply. The common route had mini-games, scoring tables, fight scenes, the background CGs even seemed a bit off, giving, to me at least, that artificial feeling. Coupled with the technoriffs they used in much of the music gave me that overall impression of Little Busters! routes before Refrain, and that's not even counting Kudo's, Mio's and kurugaya's routes. That's how it all then clicked for me nicely during the denouement when I learned about "the secret of the world".

Though I'm not going to watch the anime, one thing I think would've made a good impression to me, or maybe the viewers, is if they included such evocative things about the world to aid in foreshadowing. Probably noticing the same old students walking to and fro in the background, with quite blank/featureless faces for most of them when Riki's not looking directly at them, or maybe make most places Riki goes to seem empty.
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