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Originally Posted by Orange Duke View Post
It's pretty good, save for a few factual discrepancies here and there. Firstly, it seems that he is a patient in a hospital. If so, he has to be connected to the hospital's local net constantly so that they can monitor his vital signs through his neurolinker. As such, the only way anybody can challenge him is to also be in the hospital, whether as a visitor or a patient.
But he's also connected to the internet via the hospital LAN, a feature given to him as a way out of "locked in syndrome", so why can't someone connected to the local telephone exchange challenge him from there?

(apologies if me habit of using medical conditions annoys anyone. )

Though if that's not accurate, then this becomes a clue as to who Burgundy and Maya really are. They were in or around the hospital at the time.

Originally Posted by Orange Duke View Post
It seems that they are in the Unlimited Neutral Field, judging from the number of Burst Linkers. However, that would have to mean that all of them were connected to the hospital's local net to be able to meet there.

You also have to be at least level 4 to go into the Unlimited Neutral Field.
SaintX picked this up, so I hastily changed the place to the viewing gallery, like how there were a lot of people sitting around watching Crow's first match.

Perhaps, have Burgundy come after the match to have a chat with Gold and invite him to another viewing gallery? After all, he did set the whole thing up to mess with Golden.

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