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Originally Posted by Orange Duke View Post
Ah. That was in the English translation or the Japanese original? Because English translations are no longer 100% reliable, especially after what happened a page back.
I've crosschecked the dialog with the original manga, it's correct.
Cyan Pile's Parent was <<Executed>> at the Blue Legion, and lost all Burst Points.

To tell the truth, before knowing about Judgement Blow, I thought <<Execution>> meant that the whole Legion took a turn fighting the DA, each member taking the culprit's points, and then when the BP were at critical, the Legion Master would deal the final blow.
So yeah, there are other ways to pass judgement on someone than Judgement Blow

atm, I'm working on my OCs...and by that, I mean appearance.
I'm doing some sketches of them, then their DAs
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