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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
There is no way for them to put EX heroines in the first season, considering how long the original heroines route are. If they do plan LB on 2 seasons (which would be the ideal length), they can potentially just put Saya, Kanata and Sasami in the second season, then followed by Refrain.

But if they plan only 1 season to wrap everything, they will have to cut a lot of things, without any guarantee Refrain will be intact, let alone EX routes.
So should they have plans for a second season, I hope they will announce it soon, otherwise the reactions won't exactly be pretty.

For those who still have no idea about it: LB is longer than clannad (and that's without including EX), and yet the latter required 2 seasons of 24 episodes (actually 22-23 each) and still had to cut things left and right, so 26 episodes for everything is not doable without major cuts.
Well, if there is no Refrain part, I believe this anime will not end perfectly. Seriously, since Refrain is the core of everything in Little Busters, finally there should be it. Then if 26 eps doesn't include Refrain, I believe there will be SS2 after all.

For the EX heroine routes, actually I don't hope much about that. However if there it is, then it's fine. .
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