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Originally Posted by matrixhazard View Post
Well, if there is no Refrain part, I believe this anime will not end perfectly. Seriously, since Refrain is the core of everything in Little Busters, finally there should be it. Then if 26 eps doesn't include Refrain, I believe there will be SS2 after all.

For the EX heroine routes, actually I don't hope much about that. However if there it is, then it's fine. .
Remember that Clannad didn't have After Story right from the get go either, so not having Refrain in the end isn't really that bad. In fact, it isn't as "unsatisfying" as clannad 1st season.

As for the EX routes, better discuss that in the game thread.

Come to the think of it, I'm not even sure if all heroines will be possible to squeeze in the first place, because of the length, but also how they will have to change few things, depending if they do a continuous adaptation or use the omnibus format.
At least, I hope they will do something like:
Komari => Kud=> Haruka => Mio => Yuiko => Rin [///] [Pre Refrain] => Refrain.

Although if they really plan Ex routes, they should logically put Kanata route right after Haruka, so that would mean they have to tackle non EX heroine back in the "possible" S2. So, the logical way they should do that would be:
Komari => Kud => Haruka => Kanata => Mio [///] Yuiko => Rin => Saya => Refrain

But if we assume that there won't be a S2, well... they will have to discard Kud, Haruka, Mio, the EX routes and change Yuiko so it will "match" Rin, but I would definitely not like the outcome of that kind of decision...

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