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it's odd, because this is the first time i can recall natsu actually dominating in a fight, not strugglinggg like hell.

didn't like the chapter, only because it felt too short... i got gotten too used to the 28+ chapters

also don't like how all of hte backstory is dedicated to sting, no reason for rogue's motivation, but i guess when he heel-face-turns, we'll get that story

yea the lack of lightning dragon force is just wow, but i guess natsu had some internal power up, like.... resolve? kubo's been creeping on mashima's studio again. or even natsu channelled us, the fans' desire to see an asswhooping, and channeled that into firepower (see what i did there?)

i know mashima's emphasizing the whole, "fighting for other's gives you more strength than just fighting for yourself' theme, as well as the fact that natsu is more experienced than them both, and i guess you can factor in that they had used up alot of their strength getting asswhooped earlier (plus, did they even use dragon force this chapter?) but, it still feels like an asspull win, how exactly did natsu accomplish this?

maybe zeref will explain it to us though, so it stops tasting so much like an overdose of deus ex mashima

*reread it, and wow they were in df mode the entire chapter... couldn't tell

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