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Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
Anything would sound stupid if you summarized it in one sentence. Especially Umineko. 'Boyfriend forgot his pony' doesn't even start to explain Yasu's motive.
The specific reason the massacre was ignited was for Battler's return. What did the poor sod do to get what he got, again? Giving her a childish promise of being his boybriend six years ago, promise that everyone (the maids, Jessica) stated (indirectly) was stupid to believe.

The logical retribution, of course, was to blow everyone in his face...
Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
I don't disagree with you, nor am I saying I would forgive any of it so easily. However, that is not a valid reason to argue against the fact that I would admire the shit out of the person who would do so instead of calling them stupid. Forgiving people who wronged you is stupid instead of noble? I thing that assesment is the most fucked up thing here.
I'm not saying he doesn't have guts and heart for doing such a thing. I'm saying that everyone forgives her and live happily ever after. Even Eva. Natsuhi. Krauss. Rudolf. Kyrie... c'mon. Nobody here a little resenful of being massacred? Hm... Eva is a bad person like me, and she has some beef against the maid anyway. You sure that poor woman whose life went to hell forgave Yasu? Apparently yes: in later episodes we see Eva perfecly allright asking forgiveness for being a bad PTSD, grieving aunt to Ange. Not even a 'You killed my family!'. What does Battler and Beatrice think the world is?!

Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
There really is no excuse for mass murder. None. Nothing justifies taking the life of another human being. I'm willing to be a bit more lenient since this is fiction we're talking about, meaning some of the things discussed in Umineko do not reflect real life.

The motive for mass-murder is not the excuse for mass-murder. Heck, Sweeney Todd is one of the saddest fictional-people, I say, serves those bastards right to be turned into pies, but I still think he saw what he had coming. The motive for a crime can let you have insight on where another human being went wrong. And I think no matter what the crime, everyone should have the right to be forgiven.

If you are not willing to accept the author's choice of motive here, that's your opinion, and clearly I can't disagree with you there, even if my opinion's the total opposite. Neither can I say anything to you when you think it can't 'justify' murder, because even I who does accept it find it stretched. However, disagreeing with it because it cannot 'excuse' murder is where I draw the line. Murder can be justified but not excused.
I mean a motive that makes me at least feel like you felt with Sweeney. Or Shion. She ended as a spot in the paviment. I didn't even think it was unfair after everything she did. But I could understand where she was coming from, and her motive for going mass murderer was covered for every aspect so throughly I believed it and felt a logic and convincing plot there.

Mass murder Is not excusable. But Yasu's motive is so weird and shady it's like she wanted to blow something and things went bad from there. So.. like an excuse. "Not my fault even if i say it was... forgive me for starting this madness?"

Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
You don't get what I'm saying. George and Jessica do accept her personas. Yasu doesn't let them know her real self because she's afraid they will not accept it. She hides behind the veil of her own facades. The fact that George accepts Shannon does not mean he will accept Yasuda. It is not hear real self that is being accepted here. Frankly, it's mostly her own fault (maybe we can also attribute some of it to the experiences that led her to think this way, but mostly, it's her own issue). However, in all fairness, she at least has a reason to feel insecure, because she cannot give George the future he dreams of.
"If Yasu showed George the truth, she would be surprised at his response" thats word of god. But she didn't. Instead of taking the options she had (confess, retire, convince, take a leap of faith or stay with Jessica as she anyway wanted) she took... mass murder.

I've felt insecure, I'm sure you too, and all the others in this discussion. For the ones who have already *ahem* went at it with their lovers: Oi! You there felt insecure when showing yourself for the first time to that special person? Did you had second thoughts? Maybe... don't know... like your only option was to blow away an island with 16 guys in it yourself included?
I say nay...

But going serious: you don't think about killing a lot of people because you are afraid your boyfriend is not going to like your body. And if you do, go to the nearest mental hospital and do us a favor locking yourself up before something happens.
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