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Well I did suggest a drastically different interpretation of Yasu's body that cannot be loved.
She has lethal health problems that are going to kill her soon anyway. Basically she's in the same situation as Kinzo.

No need for gender confusion or being unable to reproduce.

I'm sure some would say that she can still be loved even if dying and all of that, but that's a bit too idealistic. Not going to bother debating that much if anyone disagrees. I'm only going to say, go look at a retirement house and witness how much love these people are receiving.

As for what problems she has I'm not certain but it looks like it's heart related problems. Teen with heart problems aren't going to live very long. Especially if they had surgeries already (I know there's exceptions and that nowaday medecine is getting much better but in 1970-80 an heart surgery wasn't something you'd easily recover from).
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