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A bit of a close match but Kobato manages to pull through. She's going to have a lot of trouble beating Saki but it'll probably be a good match. Toki stomps her opponents again. No time to waste here. Toki's focused two round ahead on her true rival.

Yuuki looks to be in solid shape to take the first match. She's one of the top characters from preliminary Group 1 and one of the stronger Saki characters. Her opponents are a bit on the weak side for Round 2 and shouldn't be able to keep up. Run is out of the running. The second match is Akari vs Azusa. Azusa let Sakurako get a bit close to her in Round 1. She wasn't in danger of losing but it doesn't look so good when she now has to face the strongest Yuru Yuri character fresh of a season finale. Akari looked good in preliminaries and look good in Round 1. It probably won't be an easy win but I have Akari winning.

Ayatsuji Tsukasa
Nakano Azusa

Kataoka Yuuki
Akaza Akari

Not many characters I would vote over Akari. Azusa just happened to be one of them.
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